The Empire Striketh: 5 Faces of Racism & A New Hope

  • Luke Skywalker was maimed
  • Hans Solo was frozen
  • Princess Lea is under the power of Jaba the Hut
  • Darth Vader reigns supreme
  • The Resistance is scattered throughout the galaxy
  • Sphere 1- Institutional: Policies and practices that reinforce racist standards. (i.e. FHA, New Deal, redlining)
  • Sphere 2-Structural: Exponential impact of multiple institutions upholding racist policies and practices (i.e., society, racial wealth gap).
  • Sphere 3-Interpersonal: Racist acts and micro-aggressions carried out from one person to another. (i.e. yelling racial slurs, racial violence)
  • Sphere 4- Internalized: The accumulation of overt and covert messages that reinforce negative beliefs and self-hatred. (i.e. the object of racism seeing themselves through the lens of the racist)
  • Denial: “Racism isn’t true.”
  • Anger: “I reject racism as truth and am willing to attack (physically, verbally, etc) the truth-teller.”
  • Fear: “I run from the truth of racism.”
  • Avoidance: “I sidestep racism as truth.”
  • Ignorance: “What is truth? Racism doesn’t affect me so it doesn’t exist.”
  • Calling: To envision a brighter day and a better future.
  • Creativity: To bend reality into something more.
  • Courage: The strength to advance in love when the Empire tempts us to hate.
  • Conviction: To stand in truth when it would be far easier to embrace the lie.
  • Compassion: To feel the pain and bear of the struggle of others.
  • Community: To believe in the power of us.
  • Commitment: To have resolve for a marathon to run our leg of the journey.



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Julian S. Newman

Julian S. Newman


Julian Newman, is a Diversity and Inclusion thought leader & imagination strategist from Wakanda. He also is the father of 4 amazing Queens as daughters.